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Sainhoda Township, deep in the Hun

shandake Sandland, i

n the north of Inner Mongo

lia Autonomous Reg

r, Hunshandake turns green, bu

t 20 years ago, 80 percent of

the area was sand dunes. Hunshandake me ▓ans "yellow wi ld horse" in Mongolian. The sandland w as believed to be a major sour ce of the ▓severe sandstorms th at would often sh roud northern C hina.In 2002, China started a sand contr ol project in the Beijing- Tianjin-Hebei ar ea. A series of en vironmental rest oration efforts we 保定市wap 化德县5G 六盘水市5G 陵川县wap 北川羌族自治县5G 南江县wap 清原满族自治县5G 宁陵县5G 德阳市wap 方山县5G 西乌珠穆沁旗wap 麻城市wap 雄县wap 陆河县wap 丰顺县wap 淳安县wap 翁牛特旗wap 敖汉旗wap 慈利县5G 扎兰屯市5G 不用充钱的传奇私服 传奇私服架设教程视频 超变态传奇私服网页游戏 制作单机传奇私服教程 传奇私服英雄合击 传奇私服bug漏洞论坛 神鬼传奇私服贴吧 传奇私服网站新开网 传奇私服 传奇私服单机充值